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                Dallas Tattoo Removal Clinic has been dedicated to removing tattoo’s at a low
                cost since 2000. We also have a new procedure to remove toe fungus.

Dr. C, M.D.
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                Glinda Grimes Business Manager/Licensed Esthetician
                Glinda’s facials are unmatched,  she received a perfect score of 100% on
                her state practical board test. She is also certified in laser tattoo removal.

                Mike Whitehurst Laser Technician
                With over 14 years experience in successfully removing tattoos, Mike has established
                himself as the one of the best in his field. His experience and style are known throughout the
                country as being very precise and thorough. With experience using almost every type of 
                tattoo removal laser on the market, you can be confident in knowing you have experience 
                on your side. His passion for his work began working for the Dallas County Health Department,
                removing gang related tattoos. He continues this work to this day, helping former gang 
                members regain their independence and leave a life of uncertainty

                Shona Morrison  Licensed Laser Safety Officer, Certified Laser Technician
                Shona received Laser Safety Officer in 2010
                Spent 6 years at Presbyterian Hospital in Cardiology CCU and PCCU,
                5 years Home Health patient care and wound care and diabetic teaching
                5 years Pain Management Medical Center Plano, OR and Surgical Nurse