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Does Laser Tattoo Removal hurt?

Laser tattoo removal may cause discomfort which has been likened to the feeling of a rubber band snap. The pain is usually more tolerable than the pain associated with tattoo application, however. After each treatment, the skin may feel sunburned and sensitive. We offer injections of local anesthetic if the patient is uncomfortable.


How long do Laser Tattoo Removal treatments usually take?

How many treatments are necessary?

These figures depend on a number of factors such as the size and age of the tattoo, the colors used, what type of laser must be used, skin type, health of the patient, among other factors.

Most treatments may take anywhere from a few minutes to 2 hours. Results are not immediate; after the treatment, the tattoo fades over a series of weeks to months.


One month intervals between treatments are common. Most tattoos require between 3 and 8 treatments. Some tattoos may require more treatments. A tattoo removal specialist will decide on how may treatments are necessary. Most tattoos are significantly reduced after the first treatment.


What are the success rates of Laser Tattoo Removal?

Laser tattoo removal has an excellent success rate. Since each tattoo is unique, no clinic can guarantee 100% success. Success depends on many factors including the colors in the tattoo, the age of the tattoo, and whether it was done by a professional artist. Patients with lighter skin types usually experience better results. A tattoo removal specialist will be able to provide an idea of what results may be realistic.


What risks are associated with Laser Tattoo Removal?

Laser tattoo removal is relatively safe for most patients. Most tattoos are removed with little

or no scarring.

The risk of infection is extremely low when post-treatment instructions are followed.

There is a slight risk of hyperpigmentation (the skin in the affected area becoming darker than usual) or hypopigmentation (the skin in the affected area becoming lighter than usual).


How much does Laser Tattoo Removal cost?

The cost of laser tattoo removal varies, depending on the size, color(s), and complexity of the tattoo. To get a better idea of cost, please contact us to schedule a free consultaion.


How long is the average recovery time?

Post-treatment, most patients may return to their daily activities immediately. Following care instructions closely is important and certain activities may be limited due to the nature of the treatment (such as avoiding sun exposure and refraining from intense physical activity that involves the treated area) to ensure proper healing.

Questions and Answers About Laser Tattoo Removal


The Q-Metrx laser - the choice for tattoo removal...

Decorative tattoos have a history dating back at least 5000 years. The desire to remove them has probably existed for just as long. Early attempts to remove tattoos have had less than desirable results. The use of dermabrasion, salt-abrasion and Argon or CO2 lasers have left behind scars in place of the tattoo.


The advent of Q-Switched lasers has permitted the removal of most tattoo inks with a very low risk of scarring. The Q-Metrx Q-Switched Nd:YAG laser is the laser of choice in this class of laser. The Eliminator can significantly lighten or remove a wide variety of tattoo inks.


How does The Q-Metrx laser remove the tattoo?

The Q-Metrx laser removes tattoo ink with the energy of light. A laser is a device which is designed to produce one or more specific wavelength of light which passes into the skin and is absorbed by the ink. The rapid absorption of light energy causes the tattoo ink to break into tiny particles which can then be removed by the body’s natural filtering systems. The Q-Metrx laser provides maximum tattoo removal while leaving the surrounding skin unharmed.


What type of tattoos can be removed?

The Q-Metrx laser can remove professional, amateur (homemade), traumatic and surgical tattoos.

How many treatments will it take to remove a tattoo?

On the average, professional tattoos require 6-8 treatments, while amateur tattoos require 4-5 treatments, all spaced approximately 4-8 weeks apart. The number of treatments depends on the amount and type of ink used, and the depth of the ink in the skin.


Does the laser remove colored tattoos?

Dark (blue, black) and red inks will resolve the best. Oranges and purples usually fade as well. Green and yellow inks are the most difficult to remove and additional treatments are needed to produce significant fading.


Will the tattoo completely disappear?

In many cases, yes. Greater than 95% fading of the tattoo may be accomplished. However, it is important to know that there are many types of tattoo inks in use worldwide today, none of which are regulated by the FDA. Not knowing which tattoo ink was used or how deeply it was applied, makes it impossible for the laser technician to predict the degree of removal on any given tattoo.


Is the process painful?

The Q-Metrx laser emits light in very short pulses. The impact of the energy from the powerful pulse of light is similar to the snap of a small rubber band on the skin. The majority of patients do not require anesthesia, depending on the size and location of the tattoo. Anesthesia creams are available if needed.

What type of post-treatment care is necessary?

An antibacterial ointment and a dressing will be applied to the area immediately after treatment. Occasionally, there will be pinpoint bleeding associated with the treatment. The treated area should be kept clean. Follow your laser technician's instructions exactly as to what to do during the days following the procedure. A shower can be taken the next day, although the treated area should never be scrubbed. If a scab forms it is vital that you do not pick it or scratch it.


How do I get started?

We will be happy to discuss this procedure with you. Please feel free to make an appointment for a free consultation to discuss your specific needs.

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